Cathrin Romeis

Cathrin Romeis is an actress and creates music theatre. She was born in the South Palatinate (Südpfalz) and first studied applied dramatics and musicology in Hildesheim, then acting at the University of the Arts, Berlin. She is particularly interested in developing plays and interdisciplinary productions with musicians, in particular experimental music theatre. She has worked with the music theatre collective OperDynamoWest, music theatre directors Ruedi Häusermann and Cordula Däuper and composers Clara Gervais and Johannes Kreidler, amongst others.

She also works with various theatrical forms of presenting documentary material and dramatic adaptations of biographies such as her production “Projekt OMA” (Project Grandma) at the Maxim-Gorki-Theatre or her work with the artist Sonya Schönberger and the director Christian Winkler.

She has performed, amongst others, in the Thalia Theater Hamburg, HAU Berlin, the Staatstheater Braunschweig, Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus and the Vienna Festival. She is a founding member of the ensemble DieOrdnungDerDinge.