Vera Kardos

Vera Kardos was born in Hungary, grew up in Switzerland and currently lives with her family in Berlin, where she works as a musician, mainly in theatrical settings.

She began her studies at the Guildhall School in London with Detlef Hahn, continued in Bern with Hanna Weinmeister and graduated in Lucerne with distinction in Sebastian Hamann’s class in 2009.
Besides her musical education she studied philosophy for two years at the Humboldt Universität Berlin.
She played regularly with early music ensembles and orchestras such as Anima Eterna (Bruges) or la Scintilla (Zurich) and was on tour for three years in clubs and festivals with the Berlin based band ?Shmaltz!.

She is a founding member of DieOrdnungDerDinge and also develops sound and music concepts for the theater. For many years she has worked together with the directors Astride Schläfli und Julian Grünthal.