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Like the bees

A music theatre about insects for children from 5 on


What do bees talk about, when nobody’s watching? What kind of language do they speak with each other? And what do they actually do all day long?
In their newest show, “Like the bees”, the ensemble DieOrnungDerDinge dives musically into the world of bees and insects, to show how they communicate with one another by means of sounds, music and dance. “Like the bees” is a piece for children aged 5 and up, where elements of sound installations playfully meet dance and music theatre. Composer Kirsten Reese blended field recordings of insects with live sounds to create a specific “insect music” for the production.
“Like the bees” is the group’s second music theatre for children, after “Bestiarium”, which premiered in HKW Berlin in 2018.




Meriel Price
Cathrin Romeis
Iñigo Giner Miranda
Vera Kardos
Meriel Price Direction
Cathrin Romeis Co-direction
Kirsten Reese Composition
Josep Caballero Garcia Choreograpy
Katharina Gault Costume Design
Nele Ahrens Set Design
Franziska Seeberg Text
Anne Bickert Assistent
Nele Riepl Producer